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Fantastic Darth Vader Impression

Are you looking for a fantastic Darth Vader Impression? As a voiceover artist specialising in character voices and celebrity impressions, I’m often asked to voice adverts as Darth Vader! This

Horse Racing Commentator Voice

As a professional voiceover artist and impressionist, one style of I get asked to deliver regularly is a sports commentator. I’ve played football commentators for a wide selection of adverts

Donald Trump Impressionist

What can we say about Donald Trump eh? Whatever your thoughts on him politically, he’s without doubt one of the biggest characters in popular culture and he’s ensured that his

Are you looking for a Harry Kane Impersonator?

Thanks for visiting! Are you looking for a Harry Kane impression? Harry plays for my beloved football club, Tottenham Hotspur and is a prolific goalscorer, breaking Alan Shearer’s record for

Brian Blessed Impressionist

Thanks for visiting. This page features some fun audio and video examples from Brian Blessed Impressionist, Darren Altman. One of the most distinctive voices in Britain has to be Brian

Voiceover For Web Video

Thanks for clicking! Are you looking for a voiceover for a web video? Then I’ll be happy to help! I’m a professional voiceover artist with over 10 years experience in

Awesome Movie Trailer Voice

In a world… As a voiceover artist, I’m often asked to deliver a movie trailer voiceover, you know the sort of thing: “In a world…” “One man, one desire…” This