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Darren is a celebrity impressionist, presenter and standup comedian, experienced in performing in green screen studios, working alongside other presenters and actors, reading to autocue and presenting for satisfied clients in both the television and corporate sector. He is also experienced in hosting live events and award ceremonies.

After his appearances in Britain’s Got Talent, ITV contacted Darren to present an impressions masterclass for program sponsors The National Lottery, giving viewers a chance to upload videos of their impressions and hidden talents!

Among his clients, Darren has presented for Learn Box, delivering educational material, presenting to camera and performing as different celebrities. And Lawbite, delivering content for SMEs, as well as presenting as well-known celebrities such as Ant and Dec, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Clarkson, David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Alan Sugar.

Corporate Presenting Reel

Larry Sock Infomercial, For E-Cloth

Getting The Right Tone

Every company I work with is a unique brand and caters to a specific market, therefore no two clients are the same. Each organisation I work with will have it’s own brand and will therefore require a voiceover that is coherent with its audience. It’s vital that the tone of the voiceover is relatable, engaging and believable or the message that is intended to get across in a corporate video will be lost.

As a full time voiceover artist one of the services I offer is to work with my clients to ensure that they are happy with the style, tone and delivery of their voiceover.

Whether you require a professional, formal delivery, or a more relaxed, casual and friendly tone, I’ll be happy to adjust my read to suit your needs. If you need a soft sell, animated and upbeat delivery or perhaps a character voice, we can work together and try different styles that match the feel of your video.

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