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Explainer Videos

More and more companies are now realising the power of video to explain their product, service or company. People are now seeing that having a video on the front page of their website is vital in gaining a visitor’s attention right from the off, keeping them engaged and on their site for longer. This will often end up in a person buying more products as a result.

It’s a fact that when there is a video on the front of a website, the vast majority of visitors will click play, as opposed to having to wade through lots of text.

Once you have had your web video made, it’s imperative that you have the right voiceover to convey your message and represent your brand. A bad voiceover can let the whole video down, the right voiceover will engage the viewer and encourage visitors to your website to buy from you!

As a full-time professional VoiceOver artist, I will always liaise with my clients, to ensure that they have a style and tone of voice that represents their company perfectly. I feel that selecting the right VoiceOver to represent your brand is vital.

Below are a few examples of videos I’ve narrated for clients in differing sectors.

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