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Music Radio Creative – Audio Producers

Music Radio Creative

When I started my voiceover career in the early 2000’s, one of the first companies that I connected with was jingle company Music Radio Creative. MRC is a production company run by Mike and Izabela Russell and they have a large team of audio producers dotted all over the planet!

Music Radio Creative

MRC specialise in producing podcast intros, jingle packages for radio stations and much more! Izabela is an audio branding specialist and works closely with clients to ensure that the sound of their podcast or radio station is congruent with their brand. Once this has been discussed with the client, her team of producers get to work! One example that really stood out to me was a podcast on the health benefits of juicing. When producing the intro, they actually incorporated the sound of a juicer. Clever!

Mike Russell – Audio Genius!

Mike has a background in radio, having been a DJ on KMFM in Kent and as been producing audio since the early 1990s. Today, he’s one of the world’s leading experts in Adobe Audition and has a verified YouTube channel, with a quarter of a million subscribers! Seriously, if you have an audio problem that needs solving, Mike has a video on it! Whether you need to know how to create a jingle from scratch, sound like a robot, autotune, beat-match or create your own radio jingle, Mike is your man!

MRC – One of the good guys!

If you need audio for your podcast or radio station, I can highly recommend Music Radio Creative. They’re extremely knowledgable as they’ve been in the industry for decades and Izabela and her team will work closely with you, to produce quality audio that will best represent your brand. Get in touch!

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