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Do You Require A Voiceover For Your Explainer Video?

Voiceover For Your Explainer Thanks for finding me! The chances are that if you’ve landed on this page, you may well be on the hunt for a voiceover for you explainer or web video.

I’m a professional voiceover artist with a broadcast quality home studio and more than 10 years experience in the industry. I’ve narrated documentaries for The History Channel and The Discovery Channel and on a daily basis, I am asked to voice web, corporate and explainer videos for clients and companies all over the world.

More and more companies are now realising the power of having a video on the front page of their website and the benefit and importance of gaining a visitors attention right from the off. When surfing the web, have you noticed how more and more companies are now using front-page videos to explain their product, service or company?

It’s a fact that when there is a video on the front of a website the vast majority of visitors will click play, as opposed to having to wade through lots of text. This is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and your product or services. Here’s an example of my work.

Whether your video is to be placed on your website, social media or for internal use, I’ll be happy to help you get the tone you need to get your message across.

Voice Styles

I understand that different companies will have different clientele and audiences and therefore require different styles to coincide with their brand. I’m more than happy to work with you and discuss what you require, so you’re happy that your video is being narrated in a voice that’s consistent with your company.

Whether you need a professional and corporate sound, casual and relatable, guy next door, friendly or serious tone, just let me know. Alternatively you may be searching for a lively, upbeat voice or perhaps a character voice?

Here are a few more examples of explainer videos I’ve voiced.

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Thanks for taking the time find out about my voiceover services and I look forward to hearing from to discuss your needs. Please do drop me a quick message I’ll get back to you shortly, to discuss what you require.

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FAQ About My Voiceover Services

Q: What am i getting for my money?

A: When you book me to voice for you, you’re not just paying for my voiceover, but the reassurance that it will be broadcast quality with no erroneous room noises for you to have to worry about.

Q: Will I have to edit or do anything to the voiceover?

A: Unless you’re a producer or prefer me to send you the raw file, you can be assured that I’ll edit my read for you, so you receive a finished, high quality file.

Q: How long will my voiceover take?

A: I pride myself on a fast turnaround and will always endeavour to send you back your file within 24 hours.

Q: I’m not entirely sure how to explain the voice, character or style I need, can you help?

A: Of course! I’m more than happy to chat over the phone with you your requirements and won’t hit record until we’re both happy that I’ll be voicing in the style that suits your read or character.

Q: Can I be directed during the recording?

A: Yes! If you prefer to listen in to the recording process and direct me, then I’m available on Skype, ISDN, ipDTL and Source Connect. I’m also happy to travel to studios for sessions.

Q: Do you charge for revisions?

A: Any mistakes made by myself will be corrected free of charge. Any script changes that occur after I have sent my recording will have to be charged. The fee will depend on the length of the read and number of changes.

Q: What are you rates for radio adverts?

A: In the UK, I work to the latest Equity rate card. If your commercial is for transmission abroad, please let me know all the information, so I can quote accurately.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Upon receiving your voiceover, you’ll also receive my invoice. My terms are 30 days net and all my payment details are on the bottom.
As well as bank transfer, I can also be paid via Paypal, which will incur a 6% charge to cover their fees.

Any questions?

If you would like any further information about my services or want to know how I can help you, please get in touch.