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Are you looking for an authentic sounding pilot voice?

Pilot voice

As a voiceover artist, one style that’s often requested, is an authentic sounding airline pilot. As well as conversational or traditional voiceover style reads, I’m contacted by producers to voice in a wide variety of characters. When a script comes in, advertising airlines or holidays, they often require a pilot!

Airline Pilot Style

When you think of sitting on a plane, waiting for it to take you to your holiday destination, you can almost hear the captain welcoming you on board! He will invariably have a friendly, clear and well-spoken voice, reassuring you and putting you at ease before take-off. I’ve voiced several tv and radio adverts in this style and below are a couple of examples, starting with a tv commercial for cheap flights.co.uk that was broadcast on ITV.

Here’s a radio advert for Wizz Air, that was played on Heart and Smooth.

What next?

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